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We provide the highest quality home audio and video equipment, as well as expert design and custom installation services.”home theater

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What is a custom home theater?

The truth is, a custom home theater can be anything you want it to be. A custom home theater system can start from an advanced entertainment center and go all the way up to a complete theater experience including custom seating, architecture, and true theater sound. It is the goal of Smart Home Systems to provide a system that will fit your specific needs and budget.

Planning and Design: Enterlace Advance System will serve as the single source provider for consultation, design, and installation of a superior quality control system. We pay close attention to detail during every step of the process ensuring a system that encompasses all the client's goals within the established budget.

Step 1: Initial Consultation: The goal of the initial consultation is to establish the client's wants, needs, and desires. Enterlace Sound System will also provide the necessary education of the latest trends and new technologies to make sure that all the client's needs, both present and future, are accounted for.

Step 2: Engineering and Design: Based on the consultation, Enterlace Sound System professional engineers will design and program a system suited to the client's specific needs and budget.

Step 3: Installation: Enterlace Advance System has professional installation crews will be onsite for every stage of the project ensuring the best installation possible. Our installation teams are trained to the standards as set forth by home automation organizations like CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) and HANA (Home Automation & Networking Association).

Step 4: Training and Support: After installation is complete, Enterlace Sound System will train the client how to operate the system. After a 30-60 day live-in period, we will follow up to make sure the system is performing to the client's expectations. Any necessary adjustments will be made at this time.

ENTERLACE Sound Systems is a integrator for every aspect of residential and commercial structures. Using the most current technology, SHS will provide the means to control virtually any audio/video lighting systems, heating and cooling, etc., through a localized control interface.

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